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The Basic Science Research Institute at Chungbuk National University was established in 1978 in order to qualitatively enhance the basic-science research and to perform the creative research in each field, and has performed its role as the strongpoint research institute for the basic-science field in Chungcheong & Daejeon area.
As the basic science is the learning of pursuing the understanding about natural phenomenon, it has absolute influence upon a human being's world view and universe view. In addition, the discovery on a basic principle leads to epoch-making development in the source technology. Thus, the basic science is a field that will need to be positively fostered nationally as well as by university.
The recently science field has the aspect that is changed into the form of fusion technology, which is integrated the so-called information communication technology, nano technology, bio technology, and environmental technology, from the single technology in the past. According to this period flow, it cannot help being said to be very serious to form social sympathy for the importance and investment in the basic science, which becomes the source of fusion technology.
In the meantime, the Basic Science Research Institute has published 'Natural Science Research,' which is a collection of learned papers, and has opened several kinds of academic meetings and symposiums at home and abroad. Also, through the basic-science characterization project by the Ministry of Education, it greatly contributed to expanding the base of domestically basic science, and has progressed the joint researches and exchanges with scholars in many countries of the world such as America, Japan, China, England, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, India, and Vietnam, as well as international symposium by activating the international exchange. The Basic Science Research Institute is striving to develop into the integrated support agency for the basic science research such as publicizing the research task and supporting the application, and positively inducing the integrated task and the largely national task, as well as efficient management in researchers' research expenses and research achievements, escaping from a role as the simple agency of managing research expenses. Even in the future, it will sincerely perform the existing projects and will maximally support the research and educational activities for development in basic science.
We sincerely thank professors and researchers for loving the Basic Science Research Institute, and request your changeless interest and affection for development in research institute even down the road.

Chief for Basic Science Research Institute
Chungbuk National University